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News | Irobotbox won the title of "Excellent Cross-border E-commerce Software Service Provider in 2019"

深圳赛盒科技有限 2019-10-23

2019 · Smart Choice • Link to the world The second session of the 616th Global Cross-border E-commerce Festival and the fourth Shenzhen International Cross-border E-commerce Trade Expo will be grandly opened today in the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The industry cross-border e-commerce industry chain industry giants Global cross-border e-commerce sellers, service providers, manufacturers and other types of enterprises gather in Pengcheng

It is reported that the expo has attracted giants such as the world's top Internet companies, well-known domestic and foreign platform companies, cross-border e-commerce supply chain service companies, cross-border payment settlement companies, including 35 national cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones and 50 Groups from overseas countries and regions appeared.

Irobotbox won the title of

The expo is hosted by Shenzhen cross-border e-commerce association, a 5A-level industry organization, and will showcase the entire cross-border e-commerce industry from multiple perspectives, including cross-border finance and taxation, intellectual property, cross-border logistics, overseas warehousing, financial payment, platform technology, and brand smart manufacturing. The most innovative business models, top-notch service capabilities, and cutting-edge industry technologies further enhance the height of cross-border industries.

Irobotbox won the title of Irobotbox won the title of

The opening ceremony and main forum of the second 616 Global Cross-border E-commerce Festival opened at 9 am on June 15. Amber, Vice President ofIrobotbox Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the event. In the cross-border e-commerce outstanding contribution enterprise selection awards,Irobotbox Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the top 50 cross-border software service providers, was named the 2019 outstanding cross-border e-commerce software service provider.

Irobotbox won the title of

Since its establishment,Irobotbox Technology has always taken understanding and satisfying the needs of customers as the first task of enterprise management. From the perspective of users, it understands the solution from the perspective of development. It is closely integrated with the business needs of users, responding to market needs, and effectively Deal with various difficulties and process problems encountered in foreign trade processes, solve bottlenecks and problems in e-commerce platforms, tailor-made unique functional modules for developing e-commerce customers, help users to grow their businesses, and enhance the core of the enterprise Competitiveness

Irobotbox won the title of Irobotbox won the title of

After nine years of hardening, Saibox Technology will continue to focus on the research and development of foreign trade e-commerce intelligent system solutions, provide users with professional intelligent systems, solve the pain points of cross-border sellers, and help the development of cross-border e-commerce industry.

Irobotbox won the title of
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