Irobotbox overseas warehouse

Overseas warehouses recommended by muti-sellers

two big systems OMS + WMS From order management to warehouse managemen
The whole process helps overseas warehouse service enterprises to operate efficiently

Overseas warehouse background analysis

  • background analysis

    Overseas warehouses are numerous and widely distributed, requiring software to support unified management

  • background analysis

    At the same time, the number of orders processed by overseas warehouses is increasing day by day.Warehouse has serious issue on wrong delivery, less delivery

  • background analysis

    The division of labor in the warehouse is not clear, resulting in inefficient operation

  • background analysis

    Main business (rebranding, transfer, etc.) is not efficient and costs are rising

  • background analysis

    The types of customer accounts are numerous, and the cost settlement is confusing, and financial reconciliation is difficult

Why choose Irobotbox overseas warehouse

  • Supportmanagement service of multiple marketsmultiple overseas warehouses

  • Effectively increase daily average shipments, up to 20,000 orders for a single overseas warehouse

  • Supporta variety of overseas warehouse businessscenarios

  • Support multiplere-salescenarios

  • APP terminal equipmentproduct sorting

  • Supportmultiple business models

  • Clearfinancial cost accounting process, so that every account is clear at a glance

What is the Irobotbox overseas warehouse?

OMS System of Irobotbox

The Order Management System (OMS) receives customer order information, as well as inventory information from the warehouse management system, then classifies the orders by customer, configures the inventory at different storage locations, and determines the delivery date.


WMS System of Irobotbox

wms is the expansion, extension and optimization of the upstream order management system or ERP system storage function. In practice, it provides faster, more accurate, and more precise management operations for storage and distribution centers.

Irobotbox overseas warehouse

What's different about Irobotbox overseas warehouse?

Three Business Processes

  • Transit Shipment

  • Switch Label Shipmet

  • Parcel Shipment

Three Rebranding Scenarios

  • FBA Return Rebranding Business

  • Inventory Rebranding Business

  • Transit Shipment Rebranding Business

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