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IrobotBox ERP System

Has been perfectly docked: Amazon, eBay, wish, AliExpress, shopee etc, about 30+ mainstream cross-border platforms and self-built stations; 2000+ logistics channels; 50+ important overseas warehouses; 200,000+ cross-border e-commerce sellers

Advantage of products

IrobotBox ERP nine years of practice, refined operation & management experts

Fully empower the cross-border e-commerce operation and management process to improve the operational efficiency and management level of the enterprise

IrobotBox Overseas Warehouse System

The overseas warehouse consist of two major systems, the order management system (OMS) and the warehouse management system (WMS), manages the logistics and costs of the warehouse business from order to delivery

Advantage of products

The IrobotBox overseas warehouse system is fully functional, and is a good helper for the overseas warehouse company

Order processing efficiency increased by 20% Rebranding up to 20,000 daily

Purchase Sales and Inventory System

Local warehouse + FBA two-pronged, from procurement, purchase, inventory to sales to financial accounting one-stop management, and ultimately achieve efficient and clear accounting inventory data

Advantage of products

IrobotBox invoicing, comprehensive layout, efficient financial compliance tools

The system invoicing module can calculate the annual invoicing, Time efficiency increased by 60%, 25% reduction in manpower input

IrobotBox Inventory Solutions System

The intelligent warehousing integration solution created by the IrobotBox and the Wogang, intelligent software + intelligent hardware + warehousing planning + warehousing standard + lean management, efficient and perfect solution to the warehousing management business points

Advantage of products

IrobotBox intelligent warehousing integrated solution Comprehensive and professional process handling and warehousing layout, cost reduction and efficiency

Storing operation efficiency increased by %75 Annual cost savings of 1 million+ Reduce storage risk System intelligence

Our Advantages

  • Lay a solid foundation after nine years of development:

    Lay a solid foundation after nine years of development:

    Set up in 2010, serving as one of the earliest standardized cross-border e-commerce ERPs,we are growing up and become mature with keeping forward on practicing

  • Customer demand oriented development

    Customer demand oriented development

    Tailor-made and customized services for large and medium-sized cross-border e-commerce companies, and create cross-border e-commerce integrated solutions to enhance the core competitiveness of cross-border e-commerce companies

  • Backed by a strong technology R & D team

    Backed by a strong technology R & D team

    With hundreds of outstanding IT elites, net engineers, real-time systems maintenance, providing with business function modules update weekly.

  • Professional business management service as guaranteed

    Professional business management service as guaranteed

    Cooperated with specialized business managers, combing affair, optimizing business processes, and outputting service solutions

  • Supported by perfect product after-sales service

    Supported by perfect product after-sales service

    High-graded customer service technical team, resolving and fixing the problems immediately

  • Comprehensive professional skills training experience

    Comprehensive professional skills training experience

    Top level training lecturer team, systematically training could help customers master all the functions of the software

Docking Platform

Docking Platform Partners
  • 亚马逊 亚马逊
    eBay eBay
    速卖通 速卖通
    Wish Wish
    Shopee Shopee
    1688 1688
    Cdiscount Cdiscount
    敦煌平台 敦煌平台
    Fyndiq平台 Fyndiq平台
    京东印尼站 京东印尼站
    Jet平台 Jet平台
    京东国内平台 京东国内平台
    京东 京东
    LazadaV2平台 LazadaV2平台
    Linio平台 Linio平台
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    Joom Logistics Joom Logistics
    顺邦科技物流 顺邦科技物流
    全酋通物流 全酋通物流
    己仓 己仓
    盒子供应链 盒子供应链
    辰诺达 辰诺达
    云途物流 云途物流
    递一物流 递一物流
    万色速递 万色速递
    UBI物流 UBI物流
    飞鸟物流 飞鸟物流
    飞特物流 飞特物流
    广和物流 广和物流
    急速国际快递 急速国际快递
    九方通逊 九方通逊
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