Sellerbox ERP APP

One-stop workflow management platform for cross-border e-commerce

Six advantages of mobile office, unlimited promotion of team execution

  • Real-time Synchronization
    Data synchronization, real-time understanding of team condition, quick action of fragmented time, improvement of work efficiency

  • Responsibility To The People
    Workflow management ,responsibility is assigned to the people at all stages,clear division of labor,refined post responsibility elements

  • Time Control
    Strictly control the time consumption of each process stage, ensure that the progress of each task is carried out efficiently and smoothly,and greatly save time and cost

  • Department Collaboration
    All departments coordinate various work, it is unimpeded, progress sharing, mutual assistance, coherent

  • Benign Competition
    Various data and various PK rankings are clearly visible, promoting the formation of a benign competition mechanism and stimulating team vitality

  • Feedback Score
    Colleagues supervise and check before acceptance, leaders comment in time, then include in performance assessment. Professional skills are steadily improved in the summary

Irobotbox Workflow
Eight modules, effective communication online anytime and anywhere

Timely capture, subdivision stage

Stage 1: Initiating the tasks

Stage 2: Processing tasks

Stage 3: Examination and approval completion / evaluation instructions

Stage 4: Process scoring

Timely communication, efficient and fast

Push notification and remind to view

Keep up to date with the latest dynamic of the company

Reject information lag

Obviously marked to remind attention

Mark to remind unread tasks

Quickly view, do not miss any related tasks!

Synchronous update, data sharing

Mastering first-hand data anytime and anywhere

Understanding execution of the team at a glance

Allowing you to make timely decisions and plan strategically

View at any time, summarize and review

Tasks in each stage are divided into categories

Easy access to processed tasks

Summarize and review anytime and anywhere!

Always remind the responsible tasks

Put all tasks under processing in one place

Remind at all times, make sure to complete on time!

Reply easily and communicate effectively

Contact information of enterprise employees

All employees share company employee contact information

Directly @ him if you need support , let the work coordinate!

Experience upgrading and continuous optimization

More operational report data for business sales operations

New features will be launched from time to time, please look forward to

Pending Tasks
Unread Tasks
Sales Statistics
Completed Tasks
Focus On Tasks
Address Book
More Features

Data Security
Cooperate with Alibaba Cloud to guarantee your data security

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